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Complete Bathroom, Stone, & Tile Restoration
in Montgomery County, Maryland
  • Professional results guaranteed
  • Marble bathroom maintenance & refinishing
  • Permanently restoring stone with diamond technology
  • Natural stone cleaning, sealing, & polishing
  • Vanity tops, showers & floors repolished
  • Stain & Etch removal from stone
  • Grout cleaning, sealing, regrouting
  • Residue removal from shower doors & surrounds
  • Intensive power scrubbing goes 10x beyond standard cleaning
  • Pre-cast architectural elements expertly repaired
  • Saving thousands on costly replacement

The Care & Maintenance of Natural Stone
  • Marble: A preferred architectural element in fine
    homes. Very soft, very absorbant, stains easily
  • 95% of all installed residential marble is not maintained
  • Periodic cleaning and sealing is essential
  • The majority of marble installed in bathrooms can be
    brought back to life for a fraction of replacement cost
  • A marble bathroom's condition may impact your home's
    value by $10,000 - $20,000. That's a fact
  • When properly conditioned, marble is immensely easier
    to clean, and avoids further deterioration
  • Vanity tops re-conditioned for a fraction of the
    replacement cost
  • Marble showers expertly re-conditioned
  • The required sealing of any natural stone
  • Glass doors & enclosures agressively cleaned
  • Stone floor cleaning, sealing & polishing
  • The finest professional grade products
  • All produsts utilized WILL NOT damage stone
  • Low-VOC super high-quality sealer utilized
  • No down time in bathrooms - use the same
  • You don't have to live with an unsightly
    bathroom. Immediate results. A great
    investment in your home for a fraction of
    replacement costs
Marble is a  porous stone. Any cleaner containing acid or akali will damage the
stone. A neutral pH cleaner specifically made for stone should be used. Dulled
stone is often caused by etching. Because carbonates ( marble, travertine or
limestone) react to acid  (acidic cleaners) to create carbon dioxide, the effects
to the stone are permanent. Although the particles of stone can not be
recovered, they can be polished and refinished. A high-grade sealer (as I
utilize) will seal the pores of any natural stone, and provide surface protection.
This is an absolute requirement to maintain the integrity of natural stone. Most
areas, particularily vanity tops and showers, are prime candidates for polishing.
Heavily abused, these valuable elements can be restored usitilizing diamond
technology for a fraction of the replacement cost, and without the mess and
A High-Grade Sealer in Action
Marble restoration, Bathroom stone, tile, grout, shower door maintenance in Potomac, Bethesda, / Montgomery County Maryland